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Cavaleri Partnership was established in 2006 as an architectural practice to provide professional architectural services that combine quality design in line with clients’ requirements with effective management of project implementation from inception to completion.

We lead multidisciplinary teams both in the UK and abroad to undertake projects for the public, senior living and care, residential, education, commercial and leisure sectors. Our project managerial approach enables us to co-ordinate project integration from the outset in order to achieve design, quality and cost objectives to deliver projects of all types and sizes on time and within budget.

Our design philosophy is to address the desires of our clients whilst always seeking to add value through detailed review of the project objectives. We aim to provide contemporary holistic solutions to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.


Incorporation of renewable energy resources, biodiversity and environmental considerations is a priority in our project specifications and designs. The creation of physical and three-dimensional computer-generated models to test design solutions is standard practice in our project methodology. These models provide our clients with a realistic representation of the architectural solutions to enable visual appraisal of the design possibilities.

Our analytical approach includes, where appropriate, detailed study of historical records to understand the potential impact of any new development. Early consultation with Local Authorities is undertaken and members of the project team are engaged to review early proposals and consider their impact on quality, cost and programme timelines.

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