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Eden Place - Cambridge

The concept is based on a natural form inserted in a woodland landscape. Continuous curves and the lack of corners provided an opportunity to insert the new building away from existing trees while disguising its scale. An internal roofed garden created in the shape of a "uterus" symbolises the eternal return and a garden of Eden with its vertical connection to the vaulted sky.  Its internal garden was originally designed as a heated space with fig trees.


Planning consent was obtained under delegated powers and well supported by the community and Housing Community Agency (Homes England) which partially funded it. Due to unexpected financial restrictions, the courtyard was removed, but the building was constructed with ample internal circulation space illuminated by sun pipes.


The project won one of the top three national awards for best projects in Extra Care by Pinders. It was presented at the Biennial of Architecture in Moscow. The building was constructed to meet BREEAM standards and to be compliant with the Housing Quality Indicators, Building for Life 12 and Lifetime Homes Standards.

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