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Hauxton Community Hub - Cambs

We were awarded the commission for a new village community hub to replace the existing one not suited to a growing and diverse population. The architecture of the building was designed with simplicity and sustainability at its heart, with a colonnade around the perimeter and a library with extensive skylights. The natural timber cladding resonates with the woodland setting. It is orientated to connect with the children's playground and outdoor activities.  

The proposals went through an extensive consultation process with village residents. A collaborative approach with the Council was effective in achieving planning consent on the recreation grounds located on designated green belt land.  

The expanded uses and flexibility which the new hall offers will serve the current and ever growing community with a wide range of facilities that support the community and local groups. These facilities include a large performance and activity hall, library, meeting room, café, servery and outdoor seating area. A key aspect of the brief was a multi-use hall with a large movable wall to allow the main hall space to be segregated into two. The meeting room was designed with two independent accesses for possible future partitioning.

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